BTS Shines Through With Their Quirky Sides In New Bodyfriend Commercials

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Bodyfriend has launched a series of spring-inspired commercials featuring their newest endorsers for 2020, BTS.

Making its way to the list of brands that BTS endorses, Bodyfriend is a multi-awarded global healthcare company that aims to spread its innovative technology.

BTS For Bodyfriend

The luxury massage chair brand recently revealed its newest ambassadors by means of three amusing commercials. In the video clips, V, Jin, Jimin, Suga, Jungkook, RM, and J-Hope were depicted in an airy environment wherein they frolicked about freely and showcased the perks of the products.

The K-Pop boy group was shown running around playfully in a sunlit garden, into a house, and down a flight of stairs. The first commercial concludes with the boys peeking through a glass door, and finally calmly gazing off into the distance while leaning on a terrace banister.

Catching fans’ attention is the slapstick drama comedy which V and Suga masterfully performed in the “Recharges” ad. The clip kicks off with Suga looking dramatically depleted on the floor and failing to reach out for a bottle of water. It progresses with V discovering Suga in an exhausted state and saving him in the nick of time by setting him into a Bodyfriend chair.


The laughs continue in the “Lives Healthy” ad, which features the comedic chops of Jin, Jungkook, and Jimin as they push the latter into a massage chair to relieve his shoulder pain. Another factor that got fans talking is the fact that Jungkook’s iconic green-tipped hair is back to its original jet black glory.

Overall, the carefree vibe of the group in the campaign served as a fun interlude from their usual cool and composed demeanor on stage. The luxury chair brand also ingeniously combined the technology of their comfortable chairs with the youthful flair of BTS to make the perfect campaign.

In less than 24 hours since they were released, each video already accumulated over 500,000 views.

BTS For Bodyfriend

Photo and videos from: Bodyfriend