BTS’ J-Hope Donates To Children With Disabilities On His Birthday

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Happy Birthday, BTS’ J-Hope!

Celebrating his 27th birthday today, J-Hope, the certified all-rounder and sunshine member of BTS, has gifted children in need with a heartwarming donation.

Earlier today, the multi-talented idol donated 150 million won or around $135,400 to the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation.

According to the child development organization, J-Hope said, “With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the number of vulnerable families is increasing significantly, and among them, I heard that support for children with disabilities is urgently needed.”

Hoping to inspire others to also extend assistance to those in need, the BTS member added, “I hope this sponsorship will further expand social interest in children with disabilities.”

The donation will be used to assist children with disabilities who are financially struggling due to the global health crisis. This includes providing child care, academic expenses, and facility support for kids with visual and hearing impairments.

A good role model to fans

Back in 2018, J-Hope became the 146th member of the Foundation’s “Green Noble Club”. It acknowledges the major donors who give over 100 million won. As of now, he has already donated a total of 600 million won.

Answering the call to help, ARMY, the dedicated fans of BTS, also continue to make a positive difference. The Foundation revealed that 118 sponsorships were made in the last two years under the name of the group and J-Hope.

Source: Yonhap | Dispatch

Photo Credits: Big Hit Entertainment