BTS’ J-Hope Exudes Vibrant Vibes In Individual Concept Photos For “BE” Comeback

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J-Hope looks comfy and stylish in his solo teasers for BTS’ nearing comeback!

Worldwide phenomenal K-pop boy group BTS continues to excite fans for their self-directed album titled BE as they finally release the last solo teasers featuring J-Hope.

J-Hope is the last member to take the spotlight in the individual concept photos following VJiminRMJungkook, Jin, and Suga.

BTS leveled up the game for their “BE” comeback. The members directly participated in the song composition, album concept and design, and music video creations. The captivating teasers, which were posted on the group’s social media, included the hashtag #Curated_by_BTS and a link to an interactive version of the photo.

J-Hope’s room represented his personality and charm. He curated his room by adding some vibrant colors, stylish wall decors, and his collection of shoes.

Describing his ensemble, he said, “This outfit is all about comfort. It’s a look that lets me rest and relax in my room, inspired by the look of the robe that I actually wear when I’m in my room.”

BTS will make their grand return with BE on November 20. Though, the well-loved group will promote temporarily without Suga due to his recent surgery.

Meanwhile, in other news, the septet continues to show incredible power as they topped the brand reputation rankings in November. The boys have been impressively leading the list for the 30th consecutive month now.

Source: Big Hit Entertainment | Newsen