BTS’ Jimin Looks Ethereal In Individual Teasers For “BE” Album

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The delicate beauty of BTS’ Jimin is stealing fans’ hearts!

Sparking fans’ anticipation for their comeback album “BE”, worldwide phenomenal K-pop boy group BTS continues to drop tantalizing teasers online.

The ethereal charms of BTS’ Jimin

Following the release of the individual photo teasers of V, Jimin is the second BTS member to star in the solo concept photos shared today.

Making BTS’ comeback more special is the direct participation of the members in the new album including the song composition, album concept and design, and music video creations. The stunning teasers, which were posted on the group’s social media, included the hashtag #Curated_by_BTS and a link to an interactive version of the photo.

Sharing the story behind his room, Jimin said, “I tried on an outfit devoid of colors to make it stand out from the warm tones of the flowers around me. I think the overall balance of colors in this room. I wanted both myself and the flowers to look their best for ARMY. How did I do?”

BTS will drop their self-directed album BE on November 20. Two days later, they will perform their new lead single “Life Goes On” at the 2020 American Music Awards.

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Photo Credits: Big Hit Entertainment