BTS’ Jimin Talks About How “Promise” Is Actually A Note To Himself

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The bright and always smiling BTS’ Jimin revealed how his self-composed track “Promise” actually started out from a sad viewpoint.

During his Naver V Live broadcast on January 20, BTS’ Jimin shared the story behind his self-composed track “Promise”.


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The track, which was released as the idol’s New Year’s Eve gift on SoundCloud, was brought up during the BTS member’s solo broadcast recently. After thanking fans for showing support to the track – which broke SoundCloud’s record for the highest number of streams within 24 hours of a song’s release, Jimin went on to give a behind-the-scenes look at “Promise”.

On how grueling it was to write the song at first

“I was planning to tell you how I started making the song “Promise”,” he told fans watching the broadcast.

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“It’s been so long since I started working on the song – I think it’s been about six or seven months ago,” he counted. “When I first started working on the song, it wasn’t a comforting song like it is now.

Originally, it was a song where I was scolding myself. I intended for it to be a dark song when I started,” he admitted.

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“I had many things I wanted to add into this song but I couldn’t think of the right words to express it. I’ve spent three or four months just thinking of the right words and I didn’t know what to do. I think I’ve made a dozen chorus for this song,” he shared.

“I’ve adjusted the song many times and I had to go back to the beginning because of that. Almost half of the song now has the melody that I thought of at first,” he said.

“I felt so stressed and burdened when I first started composing music before, so I was looking for a way to relieve that. I often talked with Namjoon and he would always say that making music relieves his stress. We had a long conversation about it, and it made me want to do something similar. I wanted to find the solution to my stress by making the song, so I started working on it,” the BTS vocalist and dancer said.

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“I was feeling so down and my mindset was dim at that time so I was fixated on dark songs. When you look at the lyrics, it almost says, “what’s wrong with you?” and I almost seemed like I was cursing at myself,” he bashfully confessed.

However, Jimin added, “And then I think things got better, The members and the atmosphere got better. The dark feelings that I had first disappeared too. I felt okay. I couldn’t think of the dark feelings that I had anymore so it was difficult to compose the song, but I had to finish it.”

On how things started falling into place one by one

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He mentioned that he first thought of the word “promise” when they performed in Citi Field. “I told Namjoon about it and that I wanted to work on the song after our tour ends. He asked me what it is and I said “promise”, together with the explanation why. He told me to start working on it right away,” he said.

“I made so much progress after I thought of the word “promise” and I finished it within one or two months,” Jimin proudly shared.

“This is the first song that I made both the lyrics and melody of. If you listen to the song, you will know that there is a lot of the word “you” in the lyrics. “You” actually means “me”. This song was actually for me, something I wanted to write myself,” he said.

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“I think it was Namjoon who changed “me” to “you”, and that was very crucial to the song. He also wrote all the English lyrics because I can’t speak English well. I asked him to translate some lyrics into English and he helped me a lot,” he happily recalled the group leader’s willingness to lend a helping hand.

Jimin also shared what made him want to write the song. “I have a hard time being honest – that’s my personality. I hate it so much and that’s why I started composing the song. “Why can’t I say something honestly?” and “I should say that I’m tired when I feel tired”, but I can’t be honest with myself,” he admitted.

“That’s what made me feel so suffocated and that’s the reason why I composed this song,” the idol explained.

On what the bigger picture for “Promise” is

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“But things got better,” he said. He recounted how hanging out with his friends, talking with his fellow BTS members, and meeting fans during concerts made him realize he was mistaken. “I thought that I was alone and struggling by myself, but after talking to and drinking with my friends and the BTS members, I realized that there are just a few people that could open up about their problems. There must be a lot of people who have bigger problems that I do, and there must be a lot of people who can’t be honest with themselves,” he noted.

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“I thought, let’s make a resolution and a promise. Even if life brings a miserable situation, let’s not make ourselves miserable. I thought I won’t insult myself,” the BTS member shared.

“I hope many people to listen to the song because I wanted to comfort as many people as possible. That’s the mindset I had when I worked on the song,” he said, expressing his earnest hope in touching others’ lives with the song where he bared his soul out.

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