BTS’ Jin Reveals He Gave His Agency No Choice But To Let Him Dye His Hair Back To Black

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BTS’ Jin made us laugh out loud with his revelation of how he basically gave the Big Hit staff no choice but to let him dye his hair back to black.

BTS is currently in the United States for their Love Yourself tour, and while dealing with his jet lag, BTS’ Jin went on a solo V Live on September 5 KST. Sporting his BT21 RJ pajamas, he first played ARMYs into thinking he was filming the comeback of his mukbang show Eat Jin. However, all he did was only to drink a glass of water from a wine glass – and that’s how we knew we got duped.

Bts jin eat jin v live black hair

Screengrab from Naver V Live

Despite looking a bit tired – given the fact that it was also 1 AM in his timezone then, Jin gamely chatted with fans and answered their questions. An ARMY left a comment asking why he dyed his hair black, and he shared the funny story behind it.

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“I’ve been promoting with blonde hair, but the roots started growing out a lot and it didn’t look great on TV. I didn’t want to do root touch-ups,” he confessed.

“I wanted to dye it back to black, but the staff was against it,” he said.

Bts jin eat jin v live black hair

Screengrab from Naver V Live

However, Jin proved he is indeed a force to be reckoned with – especially when it comes to his hair.

“So I said, Oh? Wow. If you don’t let me, then I will dye it myself and come back,” he said, exposing his own “persuasive” antics. He revealed that the staff members then held a meeting for an hour and allowed him to dye his hair back to black right after, much to his satisfaction.

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“I like black hair the most because you don’t have to keep on dying them and it is convenient. I’ve dyed my hair too much lately and it has become so dry and damaged. All people who have tried bleaching their hair know this,” he told everyone later on.

Bts jin eat jin v live black hair

Screengrab from Naver V Live

Besides his hair color, he also revealed that he had cleverly refused to get a haircut several times. “When my hair stylist tells me that I need a haircut, I go ehmm, no, no, I won’t, I won’t. I stop them from cutting my hair,” he shared.

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“When they bring scissors, I show them rock. Then, they know that I won and they don’t cut my hair,” he said, referring to the game of rock-paper-scissors and laughing at his own use of humor when it comes to getting what he wants. This isn’t the first time he exercised his jurisdiction over his hair, as ARMYs can remember how he once cut his own bangs – much to the horror of his stylists!

“I like my hair like this because I have chubby cheeks. If I have a short haircut, it makes my chin stand out. Others say I look better with short hair, but I like long hair so I stick to this hairstyle,” he explained. 

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