BTS’ Jin Showcases His Creative Personality With Multiple Head Accessories At “Permission to Dance On Stage -Seoul”

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Permission to Dance on Stage – Seoul was defined by BTS’ phenomenal stage presence, the pandemic-safe cheering system, and Jin’s adorable choices of headwear that stole the spotlight.


Permission to Dance on Stage – Seoul was a homecoming of epic proportions for BTS. As their first concert in South Korea since the pandemic started, the seven-piece boyband brought the soul, burned the stage, and broke the silence at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium. Other things that caught the attention of ARMY were Jin’s quirky choices of hats and headbands throughout the 3-day concert extravaganza.

BTS Permission to Dance on Stage Seoul

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Permission to Wear Cute Hats and Headbands

Usually being the most chaotic member of the group, Jin rarely shies away from wearing elaborate glasses, hats, or hairbands on stage. It’s his trademark that fans truly look forward to at every BTS concert, and this time around, he delivered yet again.

Day 1 of BTS’ South Korean concert comeback was March 10, and as expected, each member was dressed to the nines. At some point nearing the conclusion of the show, the group dressed down, and that’s when Jin donned an adorable Pink Bean cap. For the uninitiated, Pink Bean is an unspecified Transcendent from Bean World in the video game, MapleStory (and yes, while he/she may be a major boss at the end of Temple of Time, Pink Bean is as cuddly as the name suggests.)


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Day 2 of Permission to Dance on Stage – Seoul took place on March 12. This time, Jin took the opportunity to throw on an RJ and Koya hat that would make BT21 proud. (Seriously, is it even a BTS concert if RJ doesn’t make an appearance? Didn’t think so.)


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Day 3 and the finale of the concert series was held on March 13, and this time, the group’s Worldwide Handsome didn’t miss the chance to declare his love and appreciation for ARMY with a huge hairband that depicted the fandom’s name in bold purple letters. #Borahae 


Image from Instagram @jin

7 Record Breakers

With the offline seating, live viewing, and online streaming options, Permission to Dance on Stage – Seoul garnered 2.46 million viewers. That means that HYBE and BTS earned over $32 million in a span of 3 days.

Regardless of the fact that fans were not allowed to cheer, stand up, or clap in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the comeback concert was still a massive success. Plus, using clappers must be fun too, right?

The group is currently preparing to hit the stage in Las Vegas for what we predict to be another sold-out event. What’s next?

Image Source: Instagram @jin