BTS Presents A Cinematic Universe In Their Official Music Video For “ON”

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Nothing less than a movie, the official music video of “ON” from BTS provided a jaw-dropping experience with its many interesting points.

It’s not a BTS content if it does not consist of surprising and exciting moments. The septet has managed to amaze the audience yet again as they star in a dystopian world in their latest music video.

On February 28 at 12 am KST, the much-anticipated official music video of “ON” premiered and started garnering massive views immediately after. Achieving 10 million views in just 65 minutes after its premiere, “ON” became the fastest music video to reach the mark.

The music video for “ON” showcased a war-stricken world where everything seemed lost. It opened with Jin walking a battleground with dead people around him as he notices a bird shot down by an arrow.

The next scene then showed Jungkook running while his hands are bounded by thorns. There is a huge wall that is seen in the background before the video pans to Jimin. Afterwards, V is seen lying on a field with a blind-folded little girl next to him.

On another scene, Jin has picked up a bird and puts it on a cage. RM is then seen surrounded by animals with a wrecked boat behind him. On the other hand, J-Hope is in a field while Suga is in a church setting, both appearing desolate.

As the big wall that was seen previously finally opened, V removed the blindfold of the little girl. Jin also reached the opened wall and proceeded to release the bird from its cage.

At the same time, Jungkook freed himself from his bounds and blew a conch to declare a new beginning. He then appeared at the spot where everyone is gathered.

The group then threaded on a new path to discover another world with Jungkook running as he smiles. Thereafter, the video ended with the lines “No More Dream” which then transitions to “Dream”.

Theories And Cinematography

Upon its release, BTS’ fans ARMY had shared their analysis and have come up with many interesting theories. However, at the core of the music video is a narrative of the lyrics of “ON” which is about accepting their reality and facing them head-on.

The cinematography is stellar and devastatingly beautiful that it cannot be comprehended enough in words. It is really commendable that BTS always manages to deliver something new with their content and they have done it through this music video as well.

BTS "ON" Official MV

BTS had earlier made a comeback on February 21 with their album Map of the Soul: 7 and also released the “Kinetic Manifesto Film: Come Prima” for “ON” which flaunted the group’s synchronized dance moves and insanely powerful dance breaks.

The album has already broken many records such as topping the iTunes Charts in 91 countries and also setting a new record for highest album sales for its first day and week.

Image and Video credit: BigHit Entertainment