BTS Pleasantly Delights By Dropping “Black Swan” Official MV

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BTS drops the official music video of “Black Swan” – and it is entrancing, mesmerizing and totally out of this world

There has been a spree of new content included in BTS’ latest comeback. An addition to the list is the unexpected release of “Black Swan” official MV. On March 5, the MV was unveiled without prior notice leading to lots of excitement among their fans.

Dressed in white and black suits, the visuals of the members are extremely blinding which gets even more lethal as they showcase their fluid dance movements. Jimin’s solo dance is absolutely captivating. As a trained contemporary dancer, he flaunts his dance skills flawlessly. He beautifully expresses the feel of the song with his impeccable moves.

The video keeps going forth between white and black depicting the struggle between the light and the shadow within oneself. Especially the transition where V goes from bright to dark is really smooth with his facial expressions being the highlight.

Filmed at a theatre, the setting looks majestic further enhanced by top-notch cinematography. The look and feel of the MV gives off vibes that are similar to the other music videos of the group such as “Blood Sweat & Tears” and “Fake Love”.

There are numerous impactful moments that raise curiosity about the story the septet are trying to tell. It includes black wings which emerges from Jimin’s back, shadows dancing in the background behind Suga and Jin with multiple mirrors. The MV ends with Jungkook watching the black swan falling and then finally disappearing which further raises many theories.

BTS had their comeback on February 21 with the album Map Of The Soul: 7. The official MV of the title track “ON” was unveiled on February 28. This comeback has brought forth many achievements to BTS.

The album charted at No. 1 position in the Billboard Hot 200 Chart while the single “ON” debuted at 4th position in the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

Earlier BTS had released “Black Swan” as their pre-released track along with an art film that features dancers of MN Dance Company on January 17.

Image and Video Credit: BigHit Entertainment