BTS Shakes It Up In Preview For 2021 Season’s Greetings DVD

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BTS goes retro as the boys take us down memory lane in their video clip preview for the group’s 2021 Season’s Greetings DVD.

The boys are back and more vintage than ever! As we can already tell from the teaser content that BTS launched on November 9, 2020, the group is on a roll with their retro aesthetic.

Bringing Back the Good Old ’80s and ’90s

In this modern day and age, BTS makes the clock run backwards to take us back in time for their 2021 Season’s Greetings DVD spot. The seven-strong has made it an annual event to drop content for the holidays, and this year, it’s all about retro.

Each looking handsome in ’80s and ’90 ensembles, the members starred in their very segments that were quite reminiscent of an old movie.  First to step up was Jin, who looked stunning in a gorgeous Gucci jacket while he played pool like a pro. With his hair slicked back, his forehead on full display, and stylish glasses on his face, the singer looked like a model off duty.

Jungkook channeled a true fashion authority in a black and leopard print outfit while he emerged from behind a yellow umbrella. And Suga unleashed his inner athlete by dazzling us with his unparalleled basketball prowess. Next up was V, who was living it up in bell-bottoms while seated at a retro diner booth. He even showed off his comedic side by attempting to drink yogurt from the bottom of the bottle. (of course)

J-Hope was his usual bright and sunny self as he danced his way through an alley. The group’s leader was the next one to take the spotlight in his brilliant retro attire. RM sashayed out of a pawn shop with his jacket thrown over his shoulder, and that alone was enough to get viewers spellbound. And last but not least, we got a look at Jimin, who oozed unorthodox glamour in a tracksuit and floral bandana. Seriously, only Park Jimin can wear a floral bandana over his chin and make it look Haute Couture.

The preview comes to a crescendo with the members celebrating over drinks at a diner. Judging from the extraordinary thrill brought by the first teaser clip, we’re certain that the DVD is going to be one big party.

BE Coming Soon

In other news, BTS’ new album, “Be”, is slated to drop this month. With only days left until the release of the new music, their fans have been given a glimpse into the concept via the self-curated photos by the members. With each image depicting their individual tastes, “BE” is bound to be a colorful celebration of diversity.

November 20, here we come!

Source: Big Hit Entertainment

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