BTS Is Ready to Run in Comeback MV + Dominates Charts

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Finally ARMYs, the wait is over! After an extended delay, BTS has returned with a brand new album, as well as the MV for their title track, Run.

The visuals of the 7 minute-long MV express the beauty and pain of youth, showing the boys rebelling and having fun, while emotions run high when Suga and Jungkook get involved in a physical struggle. Certain scenes draw parallels to I NEED U, and although the MV does not elaborate much in the events that occur during I NEED U and the prologue, readers, do keep your eyes peeled until the very end of the MV for another scene.

Moreover, a little under an hour of the The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt.2 release,  all 9 tracks of the EP managed to enter the top 10 and 20 of various music charts:

In related news, the boys have also successfully completed their three-day concert run of 2015 BTS LIVE HwaYangYeonHwa On Stage on November 29.

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