BTS Releases Their Soulful “Map Of The Soul: 7 ~ The Journey~” Album

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BTS is back with their exciting Japanese album Map Of The Soul: 7 ~ The Journey ~ and honestly, it is all ARMY hoped for and more!

On July 14, BTS unveiled their bedazzling new album Map Of The Soul: 7 ~ The Journey ~. True to its name, the album showcased the septet’s journey as musicians in the most flawless way. 


Comprised of 13 tracks, the album contains Japanese versions of hits like “Boy With Luv,” “Make It Right,” “Dionysus,” “IDOL,” “Airplane Pt. 2,” “FAKE LOVE,” “Black Swan,” and “ON.” 

Aside from the inclusion of their previous fan favorite songs, Map Of The Soul: 7 ~ The Journey ~ marks the release of five new Japanese tracks. “INTRO: Calling,” “Stay Gold,” “Your eyes tell,” and “OUTRO: The Journey” presented BTS’ charm and musical prowess in the most delightful way.

The chart-topping “Lights,” which was released ahead of the album, was also included.


“INTRO: Calling,” opens on a very cinematic note. It boasts a dreamy melody that is easy to get lost in, with Jungkook, RM, Jimin and V harmonizing serenely. The four artists’ reverberating lines urging fans to “stay gold” also adds a lovely layer to the overall beat.

Through this track, BTS reflects on their hard times and urge fans to embrace life and all its grandeur. Bearing an encouraging message for listeners, “Stay Gold” encourages ARMYs to not lose their shine despite adversities that may come in life.

Lines such as “Stay gold, even in your dreams / Stay gold, I’ll find you / Stay gold, gold, I want to touch you / Stay gold, your entire being / Stay gold, enthralls me / Stay gold, I want you as mine,” adds a touch of timeless romance that makes the track stand out.

bts Map Of The Soul: 7 ~ The Journey ~

Co-written by Jungkook, “Your eyes tell” is a heartfelt and soulful ballad. The track expresses emotions of unconditional love and hope amidst sadness with a compelling sincerity, and the enchantment heightens with the group’s euphonious and magical vocals.

The song sheds light on the message of finding a way to breathe and to live through the darkness. Lines like “You have taught me that / Someday, sadness will turn us around,” with a hauntingly entrancing melody make this track a masterpiece.

In an interview, BTS’ maknae revealed this track was originally going to be a part of his highly-anticipated solo mix-tape.

Map Of The Soul: 7 ~ The Journey ~

The enigmatic vibes of “OUTRO: The Journey” are hard to miss. Though the voices of the seven members are muffled, when merged with the electro pop beat creates the perfect end to the perfect album. 

Overall, Map Of The Soul: 7 ~ The Journey ~ is akin to a musical story and BTS are the storytellers who bring to fans an ethereal tale that brings comfort amidst the chaos. 

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