BTS’ RM To Join Tiger JK’s Final Album As Drunken Tiger

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BTS’ RM pays homage to his senior Tiger JK by participating in his final album as Drunken Tiger!

BTS’ RM will be a featured artist on Korean hip-hop legend Tiger JK’s final album, under the name and branding of Drunken Tiger!

Photo from Naver x Dispatch

After hearing the news that Tiger JK will be releasing his tenth and last album as Drunken Tiger to celebrate his twentieth anniversary, BTS’ RM has expressed his desire to participate in such a special and important moment. The rapper said he wanted to join in the monumental album of his senior whom he had admired since before.

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Despite his extremely busy schedule due to BTS’ world tour, RM still managed to record for the album. He wrote his rap part for the song with affection and respect for Tiger JK and communicated with him for this collaboration.

“BTS’ RM contributed to Drunken Tiger’s tenth album as a featured rapper. He has already completed his recording,” an official from Drunken Tiger’s agency Feel gHood Muzik stated.

Photo from Naver

“I grew up watching Tiger JK. I am a fan who has succeeded” RM said, and he has mentioned being a fan of Tiger JK many times in past interviews and broadcasts. The BTS leader counts the artist as one of his ultimate role models in the world of music.

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Tiger JK will be carrying out his twentieth-anniversary project and releasing his final album as Drunken Tiger on November 14. The studio album will reportedly feature several other big names in the Korean music industry.

However, Tiger JK’s company clarifies that this album does not mark the artist’s retirement as a musician, but will just serve as an end of the two-decade era of Tiger JK releasing his music under the name and branding of Drunken Tiger.

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