BTS Shines With Their Rich Vocals On “Stay Gold”

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BTS serenades fans with their ‘golden’ voices through their latest track!

BTS finally unveiled their dazzling new track “Stay Gold,” and it is all that fans hoped for and more.

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“In a world where you feel cold, stay gold,” Jungkook croons as he starts off the track. He stuns with his honeyed notes in the most melodic manner.

While the track starts off on a soft note with its prominent piano tune, it picks up pace soon after with a more upbeat hip-hop beat.

The rap line – Suga, RM and J-Hope take the reign with their riveting verses. First, RM and Suga, both charm with their lines, “Your eyes are like diamonds/Prettier than any other gem/I am constantly fascinated/Can’t take my eyes from you, no more.”

While J-Hope’s “Don’t be afraid/ I’ll approach slowly/ I’m giving you advance notice baby/I’ll gently accept your vulnerable self/Your deepest parts now,” definitely melt hearts with its sweet lyrics.

The track is without a doubt relevant to the troubling times in the world today. Especially with its hopeful message, which will surely bring comfort to listeners. 

The vocal line illuminates a romantic ambiance within the track. Jungkook and Jimin’s euphonious harmonization on the chorus will leave you spellbound. V bewitches with his deep, breathy notes that add a lovely texture to the melody of the track. Jin’s voice really resonates beautifully in the track especially when he hits those high notes with panache.

All in all, there is something soothing and empowering about “Stay Gold”. Listeners undoubtedly and instantaneously can connect to the song’s eloquent and emotional message.

“Stay Gold” was first announced with official album teasers for BTS’ upcoming album Map Of The Soul: 7 ~ The Journey ~. The album entails of 13 tracks in total that include Japanese versions of their previously released tracks. It also consists of 4 new tracks including “Stay Gold,” “INTRO: Calling,” “Your eyes tell,” and “OUTRO: The Journey.”

The official music video for the song will be released on Jun 22, 2020 via a special broadcast on Japan TBS CDTV show.

Source: Big Hit Entertainment