BTS’ Suga Returns As Agust D With His Highly Anticipated “D-2” Mixtape And “Daechwita” MV

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Finally, the mystery behind BigHit’s cryptic countdown is revealed! BTS’ Suga returns with his second mixtape.

BTS’ Suga released his mixtape D-2 under his pseudonym of Agust D through various music streaming sites on May 22 at 6 PM KST. The rapper has made a return with his second mixtape four years after his last release Agust D, which was then unveiled in August 2016.

Agust D D-2

Back in 2016, when Suga released Agust D, it received a lot of attention because of his musical sensibility and portrayal of raw emotions.

On May 17, BigHit Entertainment uploaded a picture that said D-7 on all its official SNS channels. The photo with a blurry print and dark background sparked curiosity among ARMY on what could be the next content that is upcoming.

The countdown started from D-7 and ended with D-2, which is also the name of this mixtape. On May 22, the MV and the songs were finally disclosed to the world.

D-2 Tracks

Each of the songs from D-2 feels so heartfelt and honest. As Suga puts on the mask of his alter-ego, Agust D he gives a deeper look to his inner self without any embellishments or sugar-coated words.

The first track, “Moonlight” is a hip-hop genre, where Suga narrates his interpretations on change.

“What do you think?” has a blunt lyrics, where Agust D in his rawest form informs that he does not care about others’ opinions on him.

Trap hip-hop genre “Strange” also features BTS’ member RM. Consisting of beautiful piano sounds, the song expresses the feelings of loneliness that comes from differences in opinion with others.

Agust D D-2

“28” is collaboration track between Suga and NiiHWA. The track chronicles the rapper’s life as a 28-year old and consists of amazing harmony sounds.

Hip Hop R & B “Burn It”, which features MAX, tells the tale of a new beginnings, and uses intense guitar sounds in the backdrop. “People” is another trap hip-hop genre that causes a surge of emotions.

“Honsool” has got addictive beats where the rapper recounts the schedule from a day of his life. “Interlude: Set Me Free” is the song where one can can appreciate the sensibility and sincerity of Suga’s vocals.

“Dear my friend”, featuring Kim Jong Wan, is another emotional song about reminiscing the past memories of an old friend.

The title song, “Daechwita”, is sampled from the Korean traditional music, Daechwita. Characterized by a unique atmosphere and  emotions, the melodies combine trap beat and Korean traditional music instrumental sounds. Suga’s powerful rapping adds more intensity to the song.

“Daechwita” MV

The music video of “Daechwita” possesses a magnificent beauty and profound atmosphere. Emanating the vibes of an intense historical drama, the video begins with Suga walking majestically. Garbed in traditional royal attire with the palace as the background, he has a smug expression on his face.

The video proceeds to show Suga rapping and dancing in various locations from the ancient market place to the palace courtyard. Suga passionately plays two roles in the video – an arrogant king and an intimidating commoner.

Lots of eye-catching scenes are presented in the MV such as the execution, the sword dance and the blind fold scene. Also, the Suga’s visuals make the video even more intense. Especially, the prominent scar on his face adds more vehemence to the video.

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Image & Video Credit: BigHit Entertainment