BTS’ Suga Encourages Fans To Capture Concert Memories Through Their Eyes, Not Phones

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BTS’ Suga recently shared a piece of advice to fans about how they could take their concert experience to the fullest.

During his Naver V Live broadcast on June 1, BTS’ Suga gave fans a tip on how to truly enjoy concerts they are attending – and it may or may not involve having to put their phones down.

Photo from Naver x Dispatch

Known for his intellect, the BTS member is definitely among those who people would listen to for great advice. Recently, he shared his personal thoughts – which also came across as wise words – about something which definitely hits close to home for him: attending concerts.

While talking with his fans, the rapper mentioned that rather than seeing a concert while holding a phone the whole time and just staying still, dancing with them and singing with them would be so much more fun. “While performing, it really gives us a lot of energy,” Suga started.

“This is just a tip but if you go to a concert – let’s say, it doesn’t even have to be us, but whatever concert it is – just have all the fun you can. Instead of just standing there with your phone and taking videos for the whole show, capture the moment with your eyes. Sing and dance with us,” he said.

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“Yes, you can watch your phone videos many times over and over again, but it’s fun to be able to engage yourself in the moment,” he added. Noting that he personally thinks the experience will remain in one’s memories the most while feeling the moment based from his own experience.

Several entertainment agencies and concert production companies in the K-Pop industry actually discourage fans from taking photos and videos, even through phones, during concerts. Some even implement their ‘no recording’ rules so strictly that it may even result in getting kicked out of the venue for those who attempt to violate it.