BTS Unveils Profound Concept Clips For New Album “BE”

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At the peak of rewriting history, BTS braces fans for a new chart-topping album, BE, as they unveiled its concept clips.

On November 1, the global phenomenon, BTS, dropped teaser clips for their upcoming album through SNS. BE‘s album concept stirs anticipation and curiosity as the septet is seen looking through a mirror. Simple yet profound, the short videos provide a glimpse of a young adult’s mundane everyday life.

Profound & Universal Album Concept

The concept has two versions, the “Mirror” version, and the “Reflection” version. The “Mirror” version highlights the BTS members’ images reflected in the mirror. Each one gives out his own individual, unique expression while observing himself through the glass. The “Reflection” version focuses on each BTS member looking and posing in front of a camera lens as if it is a mirror.


V, Jimin, RM, Jungkook, Jin, Suga and J-hope all appear in casual and comfortable clothes such as jeans, T-shirts, cardigans and knitwear as they pass by looking at their face reflected in the mirror. Towards the end, they gather together to stare at the camera, with each one imbibing a unique expression and pose.


At first glance, one can see the charm of a young adult in the videos – free-spirited and unadulterated. But if we would dig deeper into the concept, it sends out a strong and meaningful message. The teaser clips beg the question about the authenticity of the reflection we see through the mirror. Does it reflect our real character and nature as a person?

BTS’ Upcoming Activities & Engagements

Prior to the release of BE‘s concept clips, BTS also unveiled the title track, “Life Goes On”, as the album’s debut single. The title itself incites inspiration not only to ARMYs, but also to everyone who is struggling in the midst of the most trying times.


BE will be released on November 20. BTS actively involved themselves in the overall album production. This includes song composition, album concept and design, and music video creations.

Furthermore, they are expected to perform “Life Goes On” for the first onstage in 2020 American Music Awards on November 22.

Source: Big Hit Entertainment