BTS Celebrates YouTube Diamond Play Button With A Thank-You Video For ARMYs

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BTS posts a thank-you video to ARMYs for the latest gift they had received – a YouTube Diamond Play Button!

After receiving their Diamond Play Button from YouTube on August 16, BTS posts an adorable video to thank fans for their recent achievement.

The group first took the news of BANGTAN TV receiving the plaque with a picture of it on Twitter, informing everyone that after surpassing 10 million subscribers on the channel, the group has received their very own YouTube Diamond Play Button.

Additionally, BTS members RM and Jin expressed their gratitude and glee over their new milestone by posting selfies with the plaque on August 16.

On August 17, the group reiterated how thankful they are for the fans’ help in achieving this milestone with a thank-you video. J-Hope opened the video by informing everyone that the channel had reached ten million subscribers.

Jin also excitedly pointed to the Diamond Play Button, which Jungkook handled with care at the center. “You can see here this Diamond Play Button that we have received in honor of reaching ten million subscribers,” Jin said.

“You amaze us and inspire us every day,” RM told everyone, while Jungkook emphasized with “many, many, many” thanks to the fans for loving the entire group.

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“With Bangtan Bomb, we will continue to introduce new things. Keep watching out for us,” Suga promised, and V added, “Continue to show your love to BANGTAN TV in the future.”

Lastly, Jimin wraps up the video by reminding fans how much BTS loves them. “We thank you sincerely, BANGTAN TV’s ten million subscribers! BTS will continue to be together – we love you and thank you!” he said.

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BANGTAN TV is one of the group’s official channels which houses contents like dance practices, live performances, behind-the-scenes compilations, the ever-loved BANGTAN BOMB, and of course, Jungkook’s famous G.C.F. videos.

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