bugAboo Exceeds 15 Million Views For Their Debut Music Video

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Rookie girl group, bugAboo, continues making digital waves with their debut music video, achieving 15 million views!

The newly debuted girl group, bugAboo, demonstrates their growing worldwide popularity. The members recently exceeded 15 million views on YouTube for their music video for their self-titled track. This follows their previous success of achieving ten million views for the video in only a week after its release.


The video dazzled fans by exploring bugAboo’s unique worldview, delivering a sweet yet eerie first project from the group. Notably, the music video combined elements of the Western with its inspirations from the Ghostbusters film. The group also displayed their sharp coordination and performance skills, establishing their strength as a new fourth-generation girl group to look out for.

Moreover, their debut track, “bugAboo”, encapsulates their distinctive charm, blending an Italian Western sound with the K-Pop genre. The song provides the adventurous soundtrack for their explorations in their worldview as they tackle all fears.

Gaining an explosive reaction from fans, bugAboo continues to meet high global demand. Worldwide media giants such as Reuters and Buzzfeed sent requests in for artist interviews, while other digital communities such as PopWrapped and Reddit also featured the members. Such schedules are indicative of bugAboo’s growing popularity and potential as they continue further into their careers.

Furthermore, the addictive appeal and trendiness of the song continue to impress a wide breadth of K-Pop fans, taking them along for the journey.

Comprised of six members, the multi-national team continues along a steady and impressive trajectory after their debut. Meanwhile, the members will continue to greet fans with a variety of content from music to broadcasts.

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Image and Video Source: ATeam Entertainment