Chart Trends: Girl’s Day meets expectation on charts, G.NA left behind?

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Girl’s Day and G.NA have made their return to the K-pop music scene on March 14 and it looks like they are going head to head on the charts!

After the first day, the first battle has been unquestionably won by Girl’s Day who topped Bugs daily chart and currently ranks at 4th in Instiz. G.NA failed to top any real-time charts and will be struggling to break into most of the Top 10.

Clearly, it is not a good start for G.NA who is accustomed to topping charts, especially since she already had her first performance. Nonetheless, she has yet to release her music video for Oops. Hopefully when the video is released, it would grab good attention to save this audacious comeback.

About Girl’s Day, their current performance are honorable and the success of their comeback will entirely depend on how long they can maintain themselves to such rankings in the charts.

Girl’s Day MV – Expect Me:

[vsw id=”t8YXut6_56c” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

With the incredibly fierce competition of big names like Tae Yeon, Brat Musician, Davichi, Gummy, Lee Hi, U-KISS, Rania and 2AM, things could get more unexpected. At this point of time, it may be simply suicidal for any artist to make a comeback.

With Infinite and Davichi set to go head to head next week, it seems that things will hardly improve for those charting right now.

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