Cho Seung Youn Gives Out Fall Vibes For “WOOPS!” Teasers & Fun MV Preview

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Cho Seung Youn is drawing attention through his stunning and playful teasers for WOOPS!


Artist Cho Seung Youn has begun counting down the days towards his comeback happening this month. The new album WOOPS! is already gaining the interest of fans with the unveiled images and music video preview.

cho seung yoon

WOODZ already shared the names of the six songs which will be included in his upcoming mini-album. What intrigued music lovers was the fact the idol participated in the lyric writing and composing of all his tracks, raising expectations even further for this release.

The songs that he will deliver include the title track “BUMP BUMP”, “Trigger”, “On My Own”, “Thanks To”, “Tide” and “Sweater”, which also features soloist Jamie.

After the track list, Cho Seung Youn continued on with his teasers, in which he portrayed his unique view.

Striking autumn-themed teaser images

The idol shared his concept photos for this comeback, separating them into two days and variants. Firstly, he presented the “LOVE” version, which captivated with its strong autumn feeling. The performer showed not only his dashing visuals, but also a little of his playful side.

The dominating orange and black colors further emphasized the fall atmosphere. Adding to it, the long-sleeve sweaters gave out a cozy feeling, raising the curiosity of fans even more.

cho seung yoon

Then, he delivered his “ALLERGY” version, again showing inspiration from the season. In addition, he showed strong and playful charisma by posing with a toy train track and wearing a crocodile hat.

WOODZ previously unveiled a mysterious clip which showed a man in a rabbit mask. Now, part of the images included the idol wearing that mask while posing for the camera, linking the two teasers.

A fun “BUMP BUMP” MV Teaser

One more thing that has particularly captured the viewers’ eyes – the short music video trailer for the title track “BUMP BUMP”. Beginning with WOODZ wearing what looks like a bear costume, the preview continues with scenes showing the idol with a big smile on his face while having fun.

The clip gives a sneak peek into the sound of the song as well. The playfulness is already raising speculation for a fun and bubbly track.

The artist will continue the countdown with his teaser reaction video, a highlight medley and a V Live unboxing. In between the reveals, he is also sharing his own content, called After The Manager Goes To Sleep and I Live With My Mom 2.

Cho Seung Youn plans to drop his second mini-album WOOPS! on November 17 at 6 PM KST, and will also hold a comeback showcase on the same day.

Source and Image credit: Yue Hua Entertainment