cignature teases ‘Sweetie and Saltie’ Return Next Month

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Get ready for a sweetie yet saltie musical journey as cignature returns with their highly anticipated 5th EP on June 10th!

K-pop girl group cignature is poised for an exciting return to the music scene with its upcoming comeback on June 10th. The group will release its fifth mini-album, ‘Sweetie but Saltie,’ marking its first comeback since the release of its fourth mini-album in August 2023.

Sweetie but Saltie’ promises to deliver a fresh mix of sounds that capture the duality suggested by its title. Fans can expect a blend of sweet, catchy tunes intertwined with a more daring, salty edge. This concept reflects cignature’s versatility and its commitment to exploring new musical territories, ensuring that each track will showcase its unique charm and energetic performances.

However, this comeback will also not include member Belle, as was the case with the fourth mini-album. Belle is currently engaged in activities with the project group UNIS, which has led to her temporary absence from cignature’s promotional activities. Despite this, the remaining members have poured their hearts into the preparation for ‘Sweetie but Saltie,’ striving to deliver an unforgettable experience for their fans. Each member’s unique talent and charisma will be on full display, ensuring that the album will resonate with both longtime supporters and new listeners.

While no teasers have been released yet, fans are eagerly staying tuned for the first glimpses of the new concept and music. cignature’s social media platforms are expected to soon begin unveiling teaser photos, video snippets, and other promotional content that will ramp up excitement for the upcoming release.

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Image Credits: J9 Entertainment