CJ ENM Announces Details For The Upcoming “2020 MAMA” Ceremony

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With the pandemic restrictions, Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) 2020 will take place without audience this year.

On September 21, CJ ENM announced that this year’s 2020 MAMA ceremony, will be held virtually in South Korea on December 6.

MAMA, a global music awards ceremony hosted by CJ ENM, started with Mnet’s “Video Music Awards” in 1999. It has transformed into MAMA in 2009 and became what it is today.

Throughout the years, MAMA has presented innovative stages as a global music festival that combines culture and technologies, enjoyed by worldwide fans. However, due to the global pandemic, this year’s ceremony will be held as non-face-to-face.

Spectators are looking forward how the so-called “MAMA Week”, where the artists are to perform in a dome concert hall in three Asian regions, with 40,000 viewers, will occur.

In response to those questions, a CJ ENM official said, “The MAMA, Asia’s top music awards ceremony, is continuously developing with various innovative attempts. We think that this year is also a new opportunity. With the high-technologies we have accumulated so far, we promise to prepare great stages, so that [MAMA] will stay true to its name as the best global music festival.”

Source: Sports Donga

Photo: Mnet