Clazziquai Project releases fifth album, “Blessed”

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Korea’s electronic pop’s pride, Clazziquai Project, returns with Blessed. 

Clazziquai Project will be returning to the music scene with their fifth full album, Blessed, on February 5th, ending their hiatus of three and a half years. The group’s 2004 debut album, Instant Pig, was a groundbreaking work that combined the then-unfamiliar electronic sound with mainstream sensibilities. Afterwards, they have been receiving praise and love from fans for nearly 10 years now with their diverse styles of electronica that include house, lounge, and acid.

In Clazziquai Project’s fifth studio album, Blessed, minimal melodies blend with tightly packed, well-made sounds and down-to-earth yet sensitive lyrics to showcase a musical scope that is still uniquely Clazziquai’s.

Vocalist Horan penned the lyrics for lead single Love Recipe

Clazziquai Project vocalist Horan wrote the lyrics for the album’s title song, Love Recipe. It’s a song akin to a recipe for those in love and those who dream of sweet love, matching a Latin rhythm with an acoustic pop melody to evoke a calmly spreading and lovely eagerness.

The lyrics were written for people who were in love. The sweet lyrics were written like a recipe for those who dream of love. Love Recipe is a song matched with Lain rhythm with an acoustic pop melody and creates a soft and lovely emotion from listeners. If Together, which features rapping of the still-hip Kim Jin-pyo, is a song about a love akin to a soulmate who puts excitement into a tiring routine and gives soothing and relief to that routine.

Clazziquai presents a variety in genre each album they release and gets more attention from fans for their new sounds. In the new album Clazziquai shows off refreshing rock sounds as well as unique Latin rhythms and fully-acoustic tracks. In the album, you will be able to find a variety of music genres.

While much of today’s music pursues “instant-style” music focused only on the sensual with fast and passionate love songs, Clazziquai instead presents a mature perspective on love atop a minimalist electronic sound. Look forward to more of their activities, as we can already speculate a difference between their music from the mainstream.

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Track list:

01. Blessed
02. Sweetest Name
03. Love Recipe (title)
04. 그녀는 위대해
05. 함께라면 (feat. 김진표)
06. Love Right
07. 꽃잎 같은 먼지가
08. Brown Gold Eyes
09. Like a Diamond
10. 사랑도 간다
11. 여전히

Source: Direct correspondence with Fluxus Music; Video – fluxus on YouTube

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