CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa Officially Discharged From Military Service

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BOICEs are surely delighted to welcome and congratulate Jung Yong Hwa for his fruitful mandatory stint in the army!

After nearly two years of waiting, CNBLUE’s beloved leader Jung Yong Hwa has finally completed his mandatory military service today.

Touching Welcome From Fans

In the morning of November 3, Jung held a discharge ceremony in a designated meeting place in Gwangwon Province.

Welcomed warmly by around a thousand fans in attendance, the handsome and talented idol gave his humble greetings to everyone.

“Thanks to everyone who cheered me on, I was able to successfully complete my military service in good health,” Yong Hwa began.

Narrating how his military life became a huge help for him, the idol then shared, “My time in the military was an opportunity for me to improve myself. The time I spent serving in the military was not at all wasted.”

Hoping to sincerely give back the love and support he has been receiving, he ended his speech with a short but sweet promise to fans.

“Using this valuable time as a foundation, I will show you a more mature and admirable side of myself in the future,” he ended.


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A Fruitful Service

Back in March 2017, the well-loved singer-songwriter officially enlisted and volunteered to serve in the Special Forces.

During his stint in the army as a member of the famous “Phoenix Unit” or the 702nd Special Assault Regiment in Second Corps, Jung amazed everyone with his passionate service.

One of his many accolades includes the “model soldier “recognition he received for leading a sincere and inspiring military life.

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Source and Photo credits: Xsportsnews | Sports Chosun