CNBLUE Wraps Up Filming For tvN Reality Show Ahead of Their Full Comeback

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CNBLUE will soon launch their very own reality show, featuring members Jung Yong Hwa, Kang Min Hyuk and Lee Jung Shin!

CNBLUE announced the release of their own reality show as a trio. According to media reports, the show will air in November via tvN with a total of two episodes. Running for two nights and three days, the band recently finished filming for the series.


This marks as CNBLUE’s first group reality show since CNBLUETORY in 2010. Just recently, all three members had renewed contracts with their management FNC Entertainment. Following Jung Yong Hwa’s military discharge in November 2019, Lee Jung Shin and Kang Min Hyuk simultaneously returned from the military in March 2020.

With the agency announcing its full support for CNBLUE, it also confirmed CNBLUE’s own reality show and plans of making a comeback as a trio with new album within this year – to be more exact, within slightly more than two months.

The new album, which is set to be released after 3 years and 8 months, is expected to be filled with tracks composed by Jung Yong Hwa.

CNBLUE made their debut in 2010 and received great love for producing great hits such as “I’m a Loner”, “You’re So Fine”, “I’m Sorry” and “Can’t Stop”.

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Photo: FNC Entertainment