CRAVITY Sets An Intense Vibe In “Bad Habits” Performance Video Teaser

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CRAVITY caused everyone a rush of excitement as they dropped the remaining teasers for “Bad Habits” follow-up promotions!

CRAVITY turns up the hype and energy for the nearing release of their b-side track “Bad Habits”, through concept photos and performance video teaser.

CRAVITY Bad Habits

On March 6, the group shared through their official social media accounts various individual teaser photos. Coming in two versions — coloured and monochrome — the solo snapshots took on a hip hop modern black theme. Aside from that, it also captured a mature look from CRAVITY.

From their intense gazes staring straight at the camera, to the serious vibes they give off, the members individually presented their own electrifying charisma. It was further amplified by their all-black outfits and fierce looks.

Meanwhile, on March 9, the group dropped the performance video teaser for “Bad Habits”. The 20-second clip previews a thrilling music paired with an enthusing choreography. Draped in red lights, the video showcase CRAVITY’s flawless and slick dance moves.

Soon as the background changed, the next scene focused on each members appearing as if they are stomping the ground, while the camera’s orbiting them.

“Bad Habits” is one of the b-side tracks from their third mini-album  Season 3. Hideout: Be Our Voice, released in January.

The song falls under the EDM and urban genre. Its addictive arrangement consists of underground trap beats, heavy, and deep bass sounds. With the melodic lines and whispering points, “Bad Habits” provides an intoxicating listening experience.

Notably, the lyrics were written by their fellow Starship Entertainment artist, WJSN’s Exy. It contains their unwavering courage and passion in paving their own path. The attention is being focused on how CRAVITY will unravel such narrative.

From the beginning of this year, the group has captured the attention of domestic and global fans through their “My Turn” activities. They had previously released two mini-albums — Season 1. Hideout: Remember Who We Are and Season 2. Hideout: The New Day We Step Into.

In related news, they recently conducted a video interview with the famous U.S. morning program, Good Day New York. During the interview, the team talked about their new album and connecting with their fans, Luvitys.

Meanwhile, CRAVITY will drop the performance video for “Bad Habits” on March 11, and will begin promoting the track in various music shows.

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Images & Video Credits To: Starship Entertainment