CRAVITY Pops With Energy In “Break All The Rules” & “JUMPER” Dance Practice

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CRAVITY demonstrates sharp and superb dance moves as they pump up with two of their tracks!

CRAVITY surprised fans with the release of the choreography video of their song “JUMPER”. Soon after, they release “Break All The Rules” dance practice on May 5.



CRAVITY surprises fans with the release of the detailed choreography of “JUMPER” fixed version.  Blowing up the stage with keen dance steps, CRAVITY grooves with the skipping sounds brought by their song “JUMPER”. The members take the dance studio with their fidgety yet synchronized motion.


Sporting casual outfit, CRAVITY captivates fans by showing each of their natural charms. The energetic performance which perfectly corresponds the song title, further amplifies a lively atmosphere.

“JUMPER” is a self-composed song gift given by MONSTA X’s Joohoney to his juniors. The track emphasizes the rookie spirit of the members bound for the journey while jumping and running around the world.

Break All The Rules

Likewise, CRAVITY dashes off into a heart-fluttering eye contact version of “Break All The Rules” dance video. The previous full shot choreography video solely focuses on the overall performance of “JUMPER”. However this time, the members make fans’ hearts flutter as they make an eye contact while dancing full of smiles.


“Break all the Rules” follows the theme of breaking free from the restrictions of the world.

Previously, the group released their debut album HIDEOUT: REMEMBER WHO WE ARE on April 14.

The title track “Break All The Rules” dominated various stages in music shows with spectacular performances. The group also acquired top spot in multiple music charts with a record of 53,000 albums from the first week of debut.

Recently, CRAVITY made a pivotal achievement as global rookies with the group’s first entry in U.S. Billboard’s “Social 50” chart earning 12th spot.

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