CRAVITY Bursts With Colors And Charms In The Refreshing “Cloud 9” Music Video Teaser

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CRAVITY continues a colorful extravaganza in the blissful music video teaser of “Cloud 9”!

CRAVITY flashed its endearing charms by unveiling the sweet and prismatic video teaser of “Cloud 9”. Earlier, the group successively dropped individual teasers and unit photos that captured the hearts of their dear fans.

Brimming with freshness and lovely appeal, CRAVITY members are as beautiful and refreshing as the glimmering sea. With the picturesque landscape and pristine seascape present, CRAVITY harmonizes with nature’s best gifts. The full-toned music video teaser blushed with diverse hues as colorful as an artist’s palette.

Dressed up in preppy attire, CRAVITY creates a refreshing summer atmosphere to the fullest that definitely attracts viewers’ attention. The boys also give off pleasant and joyful vibes while riding a yellow school bus. As the cool summer breeze brushes their sweet faces, the nine members buoyantly danced and blended with the lush and verdant forest.

“Cloud 9” is a b-side track from its debut album CRAVITY SEASON1. [HIDEOUT: REMEMBER WHO WE ARE] released in April. It is a song full of happiness and freshness like its title “Cloud 9”, the word for “great happiness”. The track also contains a cool and refreshing feeling to beat the summer heat.

Meanwhile, the music video of “Cloud 9” will be released on various online platforms on June 17.

Watch “Cloud 9” music video teaser below:

Photos and Video From: Starship Entertainment

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