CRAVITY Marches Forward With Powerful Release of 1st Full Length Album “The Awakening: Written In The Stars”

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K-Pop boy group, CRAVITY, are continuing to make a name for themselves as 4th generation K-Pop idols, with the release of their first full-length album, Part 1: The Awakening: Written In The Stars.

On August 19, CRAVITY dropped their studio album The Awakening: Written In The Stars along with the music video for the high-powered title track “Gas Pedal.”

CRAVITY The Awakening

World-renowned magazine Forbes anticipated this release with an article stating; The [upcoming] project will possibly bring the band back to the top of the Gaon Albums chart, as they have shown that right out of the gate, they are ones to watch.” Accompanying the album is a music video for their title track “Gas Pedal.”

Rapper Allen states; ““Gas Pedal” expresses our relentless drive for more. Its lyrics invite listeners to come along with us on this journey as we “climb towards the peak following the stars.”

Its heavy bass, impactful drums arrangements and addictive riff enhances the experience even more by making listeners feel immersed in this race to the top while whipping a “V12 engine ready to zoom.””

Coming off of three previous releases since debuting, this full-length album is meant to showcase the trajectory of their artistic strengths in performance and songwriting as they mature, going beyond that of their “super rookie” title.

With each body of work CRAVITY releases, they’ve portrayed their journey to overcoming hardships and pain while uniting together as one in the “new world” they’ve created.

This is also a depiction of how the boys understand and accept the differences amongst themselves while finding their fate together as a group.

Throughout [The Awakening: Written In The Stars], the theme of the “stars” implies the strong bond between the members and their fans that they can rely on during difficult times.

CRAVITY The Awakening

Consisting of eight tracks, Part 1 The Awakening: Written In The Stars, transcends genres as you dive headfirst into the track list. Ranging from addictive guitar sounds, groovy beats, heavy bass, upbeat trap, electro-pop and more; there’s a track for every listener.

Rappers of the group, Serim and Allen, contributed to writing the raps for title track “Gas Pedal”; a song that expresses the growth of CRAVITY since their debut, through the metaphor of an “accelerator pedal.”

“Divin,”  a feel good track, expresses the bliss of escaping the daily grind from everyday life on a hot summer day.

While “VENI VIDI VICI” hits you with guitar riffs; with lyrics reflecting CRAVITY’s strong determination, similar to the title of the song: “I came, I saw, I lived.”

Since their debut on April 14th 2020, CRAVITY have marked their relentless movement, sweeping rookie of the year awards at various music awards ceremonies in Korea. Even with only two albums under their belt at the time, their achievements were more than enough to show their presence in the K-Pop scene.

CRAVITY received the name “Super Rookie”, due to the success of their debut album, which hit No. 1 on U.S. @iTunes Top K-Pop Albums chart, making them the first Kpop rookie group to debut in 2020 to earn this achievement.

Additionally, the group made a splash on social media shortly after their first album, debuting at No. 12 on Billboard’s Social 50 chart; making them the fifth-fastest South Korean group to enter Social 50.

CRAVITY The Awakening


CRAVITY’s debut album, released in April 2020, SEASON1. [HIDEOUT: REMEMBER WHO WE ARE] caused a wave of intrigue and excitement all over the world, with mentions in PAPER MagazineAccessiHeartJ-14MTV NewsEarmilkTeen Vogueand Rolling Stone who referred to their title track as “An anthemic track from the K-pop rookies that combines 808-style riffs with the melodic sensibilities of early-2000s boybands (extended dance break included).”

Inspiration behind the name, CRAVITY, came to fruition through the combination of “Creativity” and “Gravity,” Starship Entertainment’s new boy band for the first time in five years since MONSTA X.

Consisting of nine members, Serim, Allen, Jungmo, Woobin, Wonjin, Minhee, Hyeongjun, Taeyoung, and Seongmin, CRAVITY, which is also an acronym for “Center of Gravity,” is meant to attract/gravitate listeners into their unique universe, by pulling them in with their creativity, charm, and pure talent.

As humans, we all have our own “first experiences”; whether that be in school, society, or in a relationship. When encountering new relationships, we sometimes prepare ourselves by running from the starting line at full speed, hearts racing, butterflies in our stomach, but at the same time we are afraid. We are hopeful, but we also experience despair.

Source: Starship Entertainment