CRAVITY Takes Fans Into “Cloud 9” With Dreamlike Teaser Photos

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CRAVITY will take the summit through the delightful teasers of the music video of their b-side track “Cloud 9”!

CRAVITY captivated fans with the charming sets of teaser photos for the upcoming release of a music video for their debut album’s b-side track “Cloud 9” this June 17.

Starting on June 4, Starship Entertainment consequently released teaser photos featuring members Wonjin, Serim, Seongmin, Allen and Taeyoung.

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Presenting his captivating charms, Wonjin showed variety of fun-loving poses in the teaser photos. Through lollipops and school wear, the member achieved a childlike image. To top it all off, Wonjin wore his most confident looks in his pink hairstyle.

While standing under the clear blue sky, the member gave a modest and warm smile amidst the dreamy atmosphere.

Displaying heart-fluttering visuals, Serim streaked warmth in his pure and charming smile. He completed a preppy school boy look through his outfit which consisted of beige knit cardigan and ribbon ties, topping off with bright blonde hair.

With his hands slightly on his chin, Serim sprung on his innocent aura while giving the camera a fair look and heart-throbbing smile. Leaning against a backdrop of the beautiful sunshine and soft clouds, Serim created a cozy atmosphere, perfectly harmonizing the song “Cloud 9.”

The youngest member of the group, Seongmin, showed his adorable puppy-like smile and charming eyes in the photos released.

Exuding gentle aura, Seongmin presented an innocent look through slightly pouting his lips and plumping his cheeks. The member also showed cheerful charms with various cute expressions matched with his soft dark brown hairstyle.

Boasting youthful charms, Allen paraded his prime visuals with his brand new black hair. In the concept photo, the members draws the attention of fans with his fresh looks under the warm sunshine.

With his eyes gently closed, Allen indicates a refreshing look of him covering the sun with his hands. To highlight his pretty visuals and inner cuteness, he poked his cheeks looking while looking adorable in the camera.

From refreshing visuals to dynamic appeal, Taeyoung turned into a school fellow full of life. Showing a soft image with bright brown hair, Taeyoung displayed his clear and deep eyes in the close-up shot. He also captured the hearts of fans by showing playful and cute poses under the brilliant sun.

In the photos, the member stared in different directions, ultimately highlighting his trademark slim jawline.

“Cloud 9” is a b-side track from the group’s debut album CRAVITY Season 1. HIDEOUT: REMEMBER WHO WE ARE. Like its title, “Cloud 9” implies being at the highest and happiest state. The house pop genre song contained refreshing melody and fresh lyrics that highlighted CRAVITY’s youthful charms.

Press release and photos from Starship Entertainment

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