CRAVITY Takes Flight Into A Refreshing Summer Experience Through “Cloud 9” Music Video

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Buckle up LUVITY – Because CRAVITY is now here to take you on a delightful summer escapade!

CRAVITY signaled that the summer fun has begun by getting closer with nature in the recent music video release of “Cloud 9” on June 17.

Amusing everyone by their never-ending charms in the music video, CRAVITY permeates different flavors of summer up in the sky. Its entire run is indeed a visual and sweet-sounding treat all because of its own festival of colors led by the members’ blithe spirits.

Delivering summer-induced happiness by its buoyant and cheerful sounds, “Cloud 9” is a well-loved fun track from their latest EP CRAVITY SEASON1. [HIDEOUT: REMEMBER WHO WE ARE].

The music video opened with the chirping of birds while panning into the blue summer sky with cotton candy clouds. As the trees danced along with the wind in the fresh and crisp lawn, CRAVITY showcases the groovy and well-balanced choreography of “Cloud 9”.

Staying true to its title “Cloud 9”, the song promises great happiness; a light feeling like floating on air. While being their usual selves with their faces full of smiles, the members are clad in various attires that show their youthfulness. The upbeat sounds of “Cloud 9” perfectly matched with the colorful scenery.

Previously, Starship Entertainment announced that the group promotions for “Break all The Rules” has ended. But fret not, because CRAVITY is back again with a new fun track that will surely melt the gloomy days away.

Watch “Cloud 9” music video below:

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