CRAVITY Shares Interesting Insights On Their Comeback And Journey So Far

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CRAVITY gets candid and speaks about their journey so far since their debut that breaks all the rules to their comeback recently that is as fiery as a flame!

CRAVITY has been on a roll recently and with good reason. The group released their first comeback album titled CRAVITY SEASON 2. HIDEOUT: THE NEW DAY WE STEP INTO recently and it has garnered a lot of rave reviews for its overall evolved music style. Moreover, the album’s title track “Flame” has been much loved by fans across the globe.

With the comeback, CRAVITY caught the attention of fans with a charismatic concept that was paired with what can only be described as a blazing performance. Additionally, members Serim and Allen showcased their multi fold talents as they participated in writing lyrics for two of the songs on the album, namely, “Believer” and “Realize”.

Furthermore, CRAVITY won the Rookie Award at the recent 2020 Soribada Awards. The group also ranked at No. 1 in the Hanteo Chart’s first half album chart, No. 20 in the first half of 2020 album chart released by Gaon Chart, No. 1 in seven regions on iTunes’ Top K-pop album chart, and No. 12 on the Billboard Social 50 chart among others.

The nine-member group also achieved their very first music show win on SBS MTV’s The Show. On September 1, CRAVITY ranked at No. 1 on the SBS MTV’s The Show. They also impressed further when they were placed at No. 1 on the Tower Records Albums Charts even before their official debut in Japan!

After delivering such an exceptional performance with their comeback album, CRAVITY shared their own thoughts about their chart topping album CRAVITY SEASON 2. HIDEOUT: THE NEW DAY WE STEP INTO. 

Full excerpt of the Q&A with CRAVITY:

Q. You won the Rookie of the Year award at the “2020 Soribada Awards” just before his comeback and also topped the Gaon Chart album chart, the Hanteo Chart weekly record chart and recently, the Japan Tower Records Albums chart. How do you feel about this?

Serim: Actually, while preparing for a new concept this time, I was excited about it, but I was also nervous if people would like (the album). Fortunately, many people seemed to like it, so I’m very happy about that. I think we’re always loved by our fans who support us, so I want to repay them with great performances.

Allen: It seems like yesterday that I was dreaming of becoming a singer. We debuted in April so it hasn’t been long since we debuted. I can’t believe that we’ve already received such a big award and received so much love. Thank you so much to Luvity and Starship. We will continue to work hard and become a better CRAVITY!

Jungmo: It didn’t feel real when we won the first place on The Show. After coming down from the stage, the members congratulated each other. When we talked to Luvity on V LIVE, that’s when it finally hit me. Without our fans, we wouldn’t have gotten this result. Thank you so much.

Woobin: It’s amazing and thank you for paying attention to us from all over the world. I don’t know when we’ll be able to do our overseas activities with COVID 19, but it cheers me up, no matter how tired I am, to think that there are so many people who support us. If you wait for us, we’ll work hard to prepare a stage and come back.

Wonjin: I was so surprised when it was announced that we placed first on The Show. I was so happy that my legs were shaking. I cried a lot. I’m happier now than ever. When I perform next time, I feel like my energy will just come pouring out. I want to say thank you and love you to our fans.

Hyeongjun: I’ve been hearing such amazing news constantly that I sometimes I wonder if it’s just a huge hidden camera. I’m so grateful to our fans. I’ve been making up my mind to work really hard to repay them for their great love.

Taeyoung: Every moment is like a dream! Whenever fans give us this much love, it only makes me want to meet Luvity even more. I want to show them our performances. I hope things get better soon.

Seongmin: Thank you so much for your great love and that is the reason why we keep going and trying harder to show you a perfect performance on stage. Right now, we’re showing ourselves on TV, we’re communicating through SNS or V LIVE. But, I’d like to meet our fans someday and say thank you and I love you to them.

Q. You’ve achieved a lot at the same time as your comeback but what’s your next goal that you want to achieve in the coming future?

Serim: Our goal is to get our albums and songs on the Billboard charts! We want to show our songs and performances to fans all over the world. We want to be loved by many people. If our song gets ranked on the Billboard chart one day, I’ll be so surprised that I wouldn’t know what to do.

Minhee: Our teamwork is so good so much so that it pushes us to work hard together. I want to try different genres and concepts with the members.

Q. What do you want to do most after things get better post COVID 19?

Seongmin: I want to have a concert the most. We performed at the “2020 Soribada Awards” for the first time when our fans were in front of us. I still remember that moment vividly. I’m so happy just to imagine how fun it would be to have a full fledged concert in front of our fans.

Jungmo: Fan meeting! I want to show the fans our stage and even be able to talk with them. Actually, I’m worried that I won’t be able to say anything because I’ll be more nervous during the fan meeting. But I think it would be great to meet and talk with Luvity soon.

Q. Many say CRAVITY has shown immense growth in comparison to during the time of their debut with their first album CRAVITY SEASON 1. HIDEOUT: REMEMBER WHO WE ARE. How do you feel about that?

Allen: We didn’t know either, but compared to the first performance and now, we definitely feel like we’re having a lot of fun on the stage. I’m glad that we are showing you a better performance than before. We’ll continue to show you better performances, so please look forward to it!

Woobin: I think the members have become so much cooler. Everyone’s dancing and singing better than before. Our teamwork was so good that we were able to improve. We were able to grow together thanks to your love and support.

Q. What do you think about the performance of your title song “Flame”?

Hyeongjun: To summarize the “Flame” performance in one word, I think it’s unexpected charm. I think you’ll be able to feel that we are both natural and powerful at the same time with our outfits and the members’ visuals which brings out a lot of charisma on stage. If you pay attention to these details, then viewers will definitely be able to enjoy the performance more.

Wonjin: Chic and passionate! Usually, we’re very energetic, but there are a lot of members who look unexpectedly chic. I think the members’ natural chicness was included in this performance. And since we’re showing our passion in “Flame,” you’ll be able to feel our passion too.

Q. From “Break all the Rules” to “Cloud 9” to “Flame,” CRAVITY has truly transformed. Is there a concept you want to try next time?

Taeyoung: I want to try a stage wherein we can showcase a sweet and cozy atmosphere – a stage where you can feel your heart fluttering!

Minhee: I’d like to try a lyrical performance. Most of the concepts we’ve shown so far are intense and charismatic, so I want to make delve into an emotional performance.

Q. Recently, Jeff Benjamin, a Billboard columnist, said he was happy to see the growth of the CRAVITY members from when he saw you as trainees and praised the members’ talents for their participation in writing the lyrics of some of the tracks in the new album. How do you feel?

Allen: I happened to see Jeff Benjamin in the practice room and I was nervous and amazed because I was still a trainee. Of course, it’s amazing and I’m grateful that a person of his stature is paying attention to us. I worked really hard on the lyrics for both “Believer” and “Realize,” so I was even more nervous when we released it. But thanks to our fans’ support, we were able to finish our debut activities well and had confidence to participate in making our comeback album. I’d like to thank Luvity for it again!

Jungmo: Before our debut, I met Jeff Benjamin who came to the practice room to cover MONSTA X. Back then, I was still only a trainee still dreaming of becoming a singer. I’m so happy that he’s been watching us since then, and I’d like to thank him and our fans for enjoying our new album. We will continue to show you more improvements!

Serim: At first, I was so happy that I participated in writing the rap verses. And I tried and I hoped that everyone would like it. But thanks to your compliments, I gained more confidence. Thank you so much.


Q. Finally could you give a message for your fans who are waiting to see CRAVITY?

Serim: Luvity! Please wait a little while and wear your masks. We are always eager to meet you and so let’s hope we can once things get better!

Allen: Thank you so much for liking “Flame”. I will always try hard to show a better stage than before! I love you and thank you!

Jungmo: The more I am happy, the more I want to meet Luvity in person and be happy together, but I am very sorry that we cannot at the moment becaus eof the ongoing situation. Please keep giving “Flame” a lot of love and let’s hope to meet soon and talk!

Woobin: Thank you for always supporting us. Thanks to you, we were able to rank first in The Show and in the album charts. We cannot wait to see you later during our stages!

Wonjin: In “Flame”, we expressed our will to go beyond our own limits, but I think we couldn’t have achieved such a good result without Luvity. Thank you for loving CRAVITY! In the future, we will try hard to show you a great performance!

Minhee: Thank you so much for supporting us in busy and difficult situations and for sending us a lot of love. It seems that the only way we can return is to prepare hard for the stage. Please wait a little and we will be there soon!

Hyeongjun: It seems like a miracle to make a comeback like this and to come this far. Thank you so much to Luvity! In the future, we will show you a better look with “Flame” in many shows, so I hope you look forward to it.

Taeyoung: Once again, thank you for our achievement on the album charts! We will do our best to become a CRAVITY that Luvity can be proud of!

Seongmin: It’s a difficult time for everyone, but I hope you can gain strength with our songs and stages. Thank you so much for your love! The activities for “Flame” are just beginning, so please look forward to it!

PR Source: Starship Entertainment