CRAVITY Transforms Into Charismatic Racers In Teaser Photos For “CRAVITY Season 3. Hideout: Be Our Voice”

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With the recent teaser photos revealed, CRAVITY surely got everyone’s hearts racing!

CRAVITY captivates the attention of fans as they geared up as attractive racing driver in the latest teaser photos for their nearing comeback.

CRAVITY teaser photos

Filling the night of January 3 with so much excitement, the boy group dropped the individual concept photos for their upcoming album.

In the photos, members Woobin, Minhee, Seongmin, Allen, Taeyoung, Wonjin, Serim, Hyeongjun, and Jungmo suit up as racers and showcase their cool sides.

Through a stunning display of visuals and all the colors surrounding the photos, CRAVITY is definitely raising the curiosity of fans about the concept of their new album.

CRAVITY teaser photos

Meanwhile, on January 4, CRAVITY continued the excitement for their comeback by unveiling next set of teasers – the unit and group concept photos.

Making hearts race fast, Allen, Wonjin, Jungmo, Taeyoung, Hyeongjun, Serim, Woobin, Seongmin, and Minhee pose for their unit photos in a sportive background while fully garbed in racer attires.

CRAVITY teaser photos

The third season of CRAVITY’s “Hideout” series depicts their process of becoming as one through empathy.

Since their second mini album CRAVITY Season 2. Hideout: The New Day We Step Into which was released in August, the group plans to complete the whole series with various charms that sums up their impressive year during 2020.

CRAVITY’s third mini album CRAVITY Season 3. Hideout: Be Our Voice will be released on January 19.

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Image Credits: Starship Entertainment