WATCH: CRAVITY’s Woobin and Minhee Gifts A Sweet Duet Cover of NCT U’s “My Everything”

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Still not yet done showering Christmas presents to Luvity, Woobin and Minhee of CRAVITY powered a piece of soothing earworm music!

Recently, the boys made a special rendition of NCT U’s “My Everything” which was posted on CRAVITY’s official YouTube channel.

In the video, Woobin and Minhee filled the Christmas atmosphere with sweet voices. Starting with Min-hee’s warm tone that goes beyond genuine and falsetto, Woobin’s soft yet powerful vocals harmonize the song to perfect harmony.

In addition, the two not only delivered a sense of happiness by decorating a tree together in the video while enjoying Christmas together. They also succeeded in taking responsibility to draw smiles for their fans with their warm and attractive visual combination.

Previously, Serim also delighted fans with his cover of “OHAYO MY NIGHT”.

The group has challenged a few covers of popular works from various artists in the past, showing their vocal capabilities.

Woobin and Minhee have already elicited a passionate response from global fans with fantastic synergy through EXO’s “Miracle in December”.

CRAVITY, to which Woobin and Minhee belong, who made fans happy with a special Christmas gift, recently met fans at ‘Cravity’s Christmas Party’ on the 25th.

Additionally, they recently completed the fan meeting following the activities of the first full album – The Awakening: Written in the Stars. It further solidifies its position as a 4th generation idol.

They are also providing joy to fans every week with its self-produced entertainment ‘CRAVITY PARK’.

PR Source: Starship Entertainment

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