CRAXY Makes a Bold Return with “STUPIDZ”

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From an attention-grabbing opening to impressive individual showcases, CRAXY’s ‘STUPIDZ’ is a K-pop comeback that can’t be ignored.

K-pop girl group CRAXY has made their highly anticipated comeback with their first single album, ‘RE_,’ released on June 26th. The album’s title track, “STUPIDZ,” showcases the group’s growth and potential, cementing their place in the competitive K-pop landscape.

From the very first moments of “STUPIDZ,” listeners are drawn in by member Karin’s attention-grabbing opening line, setting the stage for an energetic and captivating performance. The song’s hip-hop-infused sound provides the perfect backdrop for CRAXY to demonstrate their musical versatility and individual talents.

The music video for “STUPIDZ” is a visual feast that complements the song’s dynamic nature. Each of the four members – Wooah, Karin, Hyejin, and Swan – is given ample opportunity to shine, with the video highlighting their distinct personalities and skills. From powerful rap verses to smooth vocal sections and intricate dance breaks, CRAXY proves they are a force to be reckoned with in the K-pop industry.

CRAXY’s journey began on March 3, 2020, when they debuted with their full-length album “My Universe.” Since then, the group has been steadily building their fanbase and refining their artistic identity. Their unique blend of hip-hop elements with K-pop sensibilities has helped them carve out a niche in the crowded music scene.


The group’s growing popularity was evident when they were invited to perform at KCON LA in 2023, a major achievement for any K-pop act. Their appearance at the convention allowed them to connect with international fans and showcase their talents on a global stage. The positive reception they received has led to an invitation to return to KCON LA this year, further solidifying their status as rising stars in the K-pop world.

With “STUPIDZ” and the ‘RE_’ single album, CRAXY demonstrates significant growth in their musicality and performance skills. The song’s production quality, combined with the members’ improved vocals and rap delivery, indicates a promising trajectory for the group. Fans and newcomers alike will find plenty to appreciate in this latest release, from its catchy hooks to its impressive choreography.

As CRAXY continues to evolve and gain recognition, “STUPIDZ” serves as a powerful statement of their ambitions and capabilities. With their upcoming KCON LA appearance on the horizon, the group is poised to capture even more hearts and expand their international fanbase.

For those unfamiliar with CRAXY, now is the perfect time to discover this talented quartet. Their journey from debut to their current comeback showcases their dedication and hard work, qualities that are sure to propel them to even greater heights in the future.

Image and Video Credits: SAI Entertainment