#CreditHanbin: YG Entertainment Under Fire For Not Crediting iKON’s B.I In Song He Made Listed Under Eun Ji Won’s Upcoming Album

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YG Entertainment is receiving a huge amount of backlash again after not giving respect to iKON’s B.I’s hardwork.

YG Entertainment is under fire yet again for outright disrespecting former iKON member B.I, or Kim Hanbin, and his hardwork by not crediting him in a song he made.

Photo from Arena Magazine

Following the release of Eun Ji Won’s track audio preview for his upcoming solo album, a barrage of complaints have surfaced on social media regarding one of the songs which fans of iKON were able to recognize as one of B.I’s works.

With his habit of excitedly sharing bits of songs he worked on to fans through Naver V Live broadcasts, iKONics quickly noted how one of the rapper and well-known songwriter’s demos was basically stolen from him by his former company who will be releasing the track under a different artist without recognizing his work on it properly.

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The song was originally previewed by B.I in December 2017 under the title “Trash”.

Now re-titled as “Worthless”, the song made it as the fourth track in Eun Ji Won’s album. However, credits were only listed as Eun Ji Won for making the lyrics, and Millenium for composing and arranging the music.

This is despite the lyrics and the entire song sounding exactly the same – which rightfully angered fans. By making the hashtag #CreditHanbin trend on Twitter, they demand YG Entertainment to either recognize the artist for his hard work or remove the song entirely from the album.

They also expressed how furious they are at the company for using his work without credit especially after cutting ties with him, noting how this move from YG Entertainment also counts as plagiarism.


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