D1CE Paints A New Image With “DRAW YOU : REMEMBER ME”

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D1CE hints at a new musical side with teasers for DRAW YOU : REMEMBER ME.

5-member boy group D1CE is about to draw attention with its second mini-album DRAW YOU : REMEMBER ME on June 17.

D1CE Track List

D1CE has been preparing for this comeback by revealing various teasers along the way.

The second mini-album DRAW YOU : REMEMBER ME contains six tracks, one of which is the instrumental version of the title song “Draw You”. Through this album the group will be able to show a whole new color to its music.

DRAW YOU : REMEMBER ME has a couple of special points to it. One of them is member Jinyoung’s participation in composing, arranging and writing lyrics for most of the tracks.

The other surprise is the new version of the song “I’m Your Light”. In particular, this musical piece is a previously released song during the HNB era. HNB was a project group under Happy Face Entertainment.

Moreover, “I’m Your Light” was a special gift and a thank you for the fans’ support. The new arrangement and the inclusion of the song is very meaningful for D1CE’s fans.

The group shares two music video teasers for “Draw You”, which is serving as the main track. The lyrical melody adds to the expectation for the full version of the song, as well as the video.

What draws even more attention is the appearance of Lee SiAn, a former Produce 48 trainee. In addition, fans are overexcited to see the kind of story to unfold in the full music video.

D1CE will make its official comeback with its second mini-album DRAW YOU : REMEMBER ME on June 17 at 6 PM KST.

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Image credit: D1CE Entertainment