Dal Shabet Returns In Harley Quinn Inspired MV Titled ‘Joker’!

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The new and improved Dal Shabet is back with a new music video entitled Joker!

The title of the mini album for Dal Shabet’s comeback is ‘Joker is Alive.’ Dal Shabet member Subin composed and produced all five songs in the album, and worked under her pen name ‘Nibus’ (yes, that’s Subin written backwards).

To get the “Joker” inspired theme, the girls dressed up as the villain Joker’s girlfriend, Harley Quinn. They all look fierce and seducing in their whimsically mysterious get up.

GIF: Tumblr

GIF: Tumblr

As always, they never fail their fans with a catchy tune and seducing moves. The song is about a girl who fell in love with a boy who pushes and pulls her back, and she wants this “joker” to quit fooling around and start loving her for real. Well, if someone like these girls come up to a boy and confessed their love, who would say no anyway?

GIF: Tumblr

GIF: Tumblr

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