Davichi’s Lee Haeri praises her juniors THE SEEYA

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Davichi‘s Lee Haeri compliments her fellow label mates THE SEEYA as “skillful juniors.”

On December 6th, it was scheduled that the new group THE SEEYA (Song Minkyung, Heo Youngju, Sung Yoojin, Oh Yeonkyung) will release a mini album LOVE U with the title song Poison, featuring Lee Haeri. After working with them, she complimented her juniors.

Lee Haeri says, “Poison has a 4 octave, so it’s hard for the singer yet it’s a comfortable listen for the listener. I think this winter this song will make people’s heart be touched.” With the work of popular composers Double Side Kick (이단옆차기), Poison is said to be a medium tempo ballad that can make a singer’s vocals stand out very much, expressing a love story that is a bit different from the usual love stories.

It is said that there will be 2 music videos released for the new song Poison. THE SEEYA stated, “After debut, many people payed attention to us and loved us so much, we were so happy but one again we return with a new title song Poison, we are once again nervous and excited.

THE SEEYA’s new song Poison and the mini album LOVE U will be released online today along with the music videos.

Source: news and photo- The Star

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