DAY6 Expresses The Warmth Of Lingering Love In Epilogue Film For “The Book of Us: Negentropy”

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DAY6 gives off an emotional feeling in an epilogue film that expresses a literary atmosphere and we surely can’t wait for more!

DAY6 released in the midnight of April 1 an epilogue film “The Book of Us: Negentropy – Chaos swallowed up in love”, heightening excitement from global fans.

The Korean version features Young K’s soft voice, adding a more emotional feeling to the video. Starting with the calm sound of waves, a creative literary atmosphere is showed off as the bassist narrates somewhat a letter expressing the warmth of love in the past days. Consecutively, an English version follows with Jae’s speaking voice. The Argentina-born guitarist speaks of a precious love that never fades but lingers. At the end of the videos, a subtitle is released, which conveys a deep meaningful echo.

Reminding the journey of the book series which has been written for about two years, the epilogue film suggests a heartfelt track coming soon. If the first page of the book is announced by the beginning of the day in the prologue film and the typing sound of the first page of the new book, the epilogue film conveys the meaning of the completion with the scene of closing the book behind the sunset. Particularly, the eloquent narration raises expectations for the new song’s lyrics.

DAY6 began its book series with the fifth mini album The Book of Us: Gravity in July 2019, the third full album The Book of Us: Entropy in October 2019, and the sixth mini-album The Book of Us: The Demon in May 2020.

Meanwhile, DAY6 will return with a new track on April 19 at 6PM KST.

Source: OSEN