DAY6 Releases Profound Music Video Teaser For “You make Me”

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The sunset, the waves, the calm yet emotional atmosphere, plus DAY6 playing their instruments = perfection!

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DAY6 is giving off emotional sentiments in the music video teaser for their 7th mini-album’s title track, “You make Me.”

Overwhelming fans, the five-member boy band unveiled a nostalgic teaser video for the much-awaited full group return with The Book of Us: Negentropy – Chaos swallowed up in love.

Particularly, Negentropy is the completion of the band’s book series, which has been ongoing for about two years. All the tracks from the past The Book of Us albums were all created, thanks to the members’ endless passion and talent.

The teaser video touched the hearts of many as the entire DAY6 members showed their powerful instrument playing under the golden sunset. Starting with a lyrical atmosphere, the increasingly dramatic sound stimulated deep emotions.

The two lovers appear in the spotlight, happily dancing on the seashore while the members spot them in the landscape. As the couple exudes affection and visual beauty with warmth, the beautiful scene goes on to draw attention to the full song.

The title track “You make Me”, which will again prove the aspect of “trust and listen to DAY6”, was created by Young K and Wonpil. The two geniuses added new challenges and attempt to create a different tune to DAY6’s music. Being responsible for the audience’s spring playlists, DAY6 hopes to express the overwhelming feelings of love that bloomed despite countless difficulties.

Further, the album will include a total of seven tracks including the title song “You make Me”. Some of the songs were “Healer,” “every day we fight,” “ONE,” “above the clouds,” “Only,” and “So Let’s Love.”

Earlier, a short glimpse of the songs was revealed, heightening curiosity from global fans. Meanwhile, DAY6’s 7th mini-album The Book of Us: Negentropy – Chaos swallowed up in love will be released on various music streaming sites on April 19 at 6PM KST.

DAY6 Music Video Teaser The Book of Us: Negentropy You Make Me

Source: OSEN