DAY6’s Sungjin Parades His Magnificent Visuals For “The Book of Us: The Demon” Teaser Photos

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After a long wait, DAY6 finally unveiled their teaser photos — with the first member featured being Sungjin!

DAY6’s Sungjin has led the launch for the group’s set of teaser photos for their upcoming comeback scheduled for May 11.

On May 2, at 12 AM KST, JYP Entertainment dropped the teaser images for DAY6’s new album The Book of Us: The Demon. Two teaser photos with varied concepts were posted, with one displaying vibrant colors while the other being in black-and-white.

Featuring on the teaser photos is the group’s leader, vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Sungjin. Exuding a sophisticated aura, Sungjin looked extremely majestic in the photos.

DAY6 Sungjin

In the first photo where he donned simple white and black trousers, Sungjin flaunted his majestic side profile, making the picture look like a work of art. Additionally, his long eyelashes added to the perfection of the photo.

DAY6 Sungjin

Meanwhile, the second photo took on a monochromatic scheme. Despite mainly focusing on Sungjin, it also featured blurry figures of DAY6’s Wonpil and Dowoon who are still in motion. These details made the photo look extra dramatic in addition to Sungjin’s piercing gaze into the camera.

Though the teaser photos have different concepts, Sungjin looked strikingly good in both of them.

On April 27, DAY6 had also dropped their comeback film trailer while announcing their album’s title at the same time. The animated trailer, which narrated the tale of two hearts which are separated because of a demon, generated huge curiosity from fans as well as excitement for the album.

Afterward on April 30, DAY6 dropped their tracklist which showed the eight songs included in the album, highlighting its lead track titled “ZOMBIE”. With all the songs penned and composed by DAY6 themselves, it is expected that the talented band will deliver a splendid comeback with their sheer artistry yet again.

Source and Images Credit: JYP Entertainment