DAY6’s Even of Day Unveil Enchanting Teasers

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DAY6’s sub unit Even of Day dropped their teaser images and honestly, they’re the definition of the term mesmerizing!

DAY6’s Even of Day are gearing up to make their debut soon with their first album The Book of Us : Gluon – Nothing can tear us apart. To raise the excitements even more, the trio released sets of breathtaking teaser photos which are nothing short of being bewitching and beautiful.

“I’m curious about how listeners will react to the music of the unit as opposed to the music of DAY6 as a whole. I hope that our new challenges and songs will be liked by many people,” Young K asserted as he took breaths away with his magnetic charms that shone under the moonlight. 

DAY6 Even of Day

Showcasing his divine visuals, Young K exuded a mystical energy that piqued curiosities surrounding the unit’s upcoming album. 

Moreover, the musician has also shown his musical prowess on the album. He composed almost each of the tracks and and wrote every song as well. 

Next, DAY6’s keyboardist and vocalist Wonpil left fans speechless with his show stopping appearance in his solo teasers. Echoing Young K’s sentiments, Wonpil said, “The Book of Us : Gluon – Nothing can tear us apart is an album that showcases a different color from our other releases as DAY6, so we’re looking forward to how you’ll like it. I hope we can give some comfort and strength to everyone who listened to our music.”

DAY6 Even of Day Wonpil

Wonpil bears a wistful semblance amid a serene ambiance as he holds a pondering gaze while posing in an entrancing moonlit setting.

Wonpil, along with Young K, participated in the writing and composition of few of the tracks from the album. Particularly, the talented artist has co-written the track titled, “땡스 투 (Thanks to)” with Young K and co-composed it as well as three other tracks namely, “그렇게 너에게 도착하였다 (Landed)” and “To be continued – Outro – (Sung by DENIMALZ 3).” 

Besides this, Wonpil also co-composed the title track called, “파도가 끝나는 곳까지” that contains a traditional R&B rhythm and emotional melody interpreted through trendy synth band sounds with lyrics that express a firm determination to ride rough waves together.

Lastly, Even of Day’s third member Dowoon did not shy from shining under the night sky with his dreamy looks in his version of the teaser images which followed suit and expressed the same theme as Young K and Wonpil’s teaser sets. 

Like an absolute prince, Dowoon shone brighter than the moon in the backdrop and illuminated the ambiance, giving the images quite the idyllic look. 

Meanwhile, Even of Day’s first album The Book of Us: Gluon – Nothing can tear us apart will be releasing on August 31 on various music sites at 6PM KST.

Source: JYP Entertainment