K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: DIA Blooms With 6th Mini-Album “Flower 4 Seasons”

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DIA delivers refreshing summer tunes in the mini-album Flower 4 Seasons.

DIA returns as a unit of five with the 6th mini-album Flower 4 Seasons on June 10. The mini-delight dropped at 6 PM KST on various music platforms, gracing the fans with a whole new set of songs to enjoy.

DIA Flower 4 seasons


DIA surprised fans with the announcement of a new mini-album back on May 26. They hinted at a summer-themed comeback, which was later revealed to be a unit-based one, including five of the members.

The next day, the girls revealed the scheduler for Flower 4 Seasons. It was packed with various content to look up to.

The group started by sharing their tracklist. A pleasant surprise was the part where they revealed that members Jueun and Yebin both participated in two of the songs on the list.

The members’ concept photos were separated in four parts. The first two showed them in a beautiful fairy-like concept. Meanwhile, the next two sets gave off a more mature and elegant vibe.


The girls also followed with two group photos, further radiating a summer beauty.



In between the concept photos, DIA also uploaded special art films. The members reminded of gentle fairies among the flowers. In addition, they focused on their innocent and cute visual in the individual special films, uploaded later on their YouTube channel.

Their highlight medley for Flower 4 Season was then shared on June 6, hinting at the fresh tracks they had prepared for the fans.

On June 2 and 8, DIA revealed two music video teasers for the title track “Hug U”. The full video was released on June 10 at 6 PM KST, along with their mini-album.


Flower 4 Seasons includes six tracks to enjoy. As an additional treat for those who love listening to melodies, the group included two instrumental pieces for “Daily” and “Hug U”.

The first song on the list is “Daily”. The track impresses with a light EP sound, sensible guitar and the members’ voices. The lyrics portray the love of a woman, her curiosity about her loved one’s daily life, and how beautiful she looks when experiencing such strong emotions.

The title track “Hug U” is a dance song with a beautiful string melody and a powerful rhythm. It perfectly showcases DIA’s refreshing and girlish sensibility while the members sing of love by comparing it to the four seasons.

Member Jueun wrote the lyrics for “To You’, as well as participated in the arrangement and composition of the song. The medium tempo track tells of a girl’s innocent wish to hold onto their special someone’s hand.

Yebin also showed her musical talents by participating in the creation of “Nobody Knows”. The track speaks of the process after a breakup and the gradual acceptance which follows.


The music video for “Hug U” brought a visual delight. The members led with a refreshing summer look while dancing at a forest background, They also became one with the blue sky while showing more of the choreography at a rooftop.

Even their dancing managed to emphasize on the lyrics of embracing someone as a way to make them feel special.

The highlight of the video came near the end when all the girls met up and exchanged warm hugs between themselves. Not even bad weather would stop them from spending their precious time together. That particular part emitted an incredibly strong feeling which will surely warm up viewers’ hearts, just like the rest of the mini-album.

Source: DIA Official Twitter and YouTube

Image credit: MBK Entertainment