DJ Raiden And EXO’s Chanyeol Charm In “Yours” Collaboration Featuring LeeHi And Changmo

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DJ Raiden and Chanyeol will make you fall in love with their soulful collaboration track “Yours”.

The wait is finally over for the highly-anticipated collaboration between DJ/Producer Raiden and EXO’s Chanyeol titled “Yours”, which also featured songstress LeeHi and rapper Changmo, as its stunning and soothing music video was revealed on May 12 at 6 PM KST!

The music video has a very classic look to it which mirrors the everlasting ambiance of the track itself. While the video itself features only DJ Raiden and Chanyeol, LeeHi and Changmo held a prominent presence with their voices captivating listeners’ ears throughout the video and the song.

The aesthetics of the video also contrasted each other—with Raiden in a moody space, playing instruments such as the keyboard and guitar, while Chanyeol performed in brightly-hued settings.

An even more interesting part in the music video is that although the DJ/Producer plays his music in a dark setting, the space behind him lights up when Chanyeol and LeeHi’s voices fill the air.

This makes it match Chanyeol’s backdrop—which serves not just as a prepossessing sight, but also as a possible metaphor for the track’s message of how a sincere confession of love can light up a dark place.

A Musical Masterpiece

The composition of “Yours” has a “feel good” aura written all over it. The synth pop melody brought an unmistakeable essence of nostalgic romance which was heartwarming to say the least.

Additionally, Changmo was ever so charming as he stirred up a passionate energy with lines such as – “I repeat to myself, was I born/ For you, I talk such words to myself/ It’s not easy for me to say, I love you/ By your side, looking at your lips/ I want to bear my life..”

Meanwhile, Chanyeol showcased his talents as both a rapper and vocalist on “Yours”—and he does so with an impressive finesse. In addition, LeeHi‘s rich, honeyed voice also added euphony to the tuneful track.

As it blended together, Chanyeol and LeeHi’s vocals seemed like an idyllic dream as they sang “Love me, don’t hurt me.. Just kiss me, don’t burn me.. And I’ll be yours..”

Their vocals balanced each other and created these melodic, textured harmonies that made both of their stellar skills as singers shine through on “Yours”. The track is also a timeless masterpiece that is a perfect blend of ageless music and romantic aesthetics—making it an unforgettable listen for music lovers.

Source & Images Credit To: SM Entertainment