DKB Unveils Eye-catching “GROWTH” Comeback Scheduler & Album Cover

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Fans are in for a treat as DKB unveils album scheduler and cover image!

After revealing the plans to make a return to the music scene with a new mini-album this late October, DKB also shared its scheduler and a surprise reveal. The group is ready to begin its official countdown for another attractive comeback.


The newly released content included initial information about what the idols will be dropping. The boys are going to be returning with another mini-album titled GROWTH. The name is already garnering the curiosity of many, making them wonder about the type of songs that will come with it.

The surprise album cover image was released at 6 PM on October 13. In it, the boys amplified the expectations of fans by revealing a colorful new transformation.

Earlier that day, Brave Entertainment also released the boys’ promotion scheduler for their comeback. The intense image caught the eyes of fans with its dark shades and office background, filled with a lot of scattered documents.

In particular, DKB plans to start revealing teasers from October 14, beginning with the four concept photos. The artists will follow up with the track list on October 18 and will continue with the music video trailers on October 19, 21 and 23.

They will finish it off with a Highlight Medley two days before the album’s release. In addition, the group will also share special footage from their practice room and a choreography spoiler.

The boys already have two mini-albums behind them, which achieved them the attention of global fans. They group debuted back in February but is already making their second comeback with their third release.

DKB is scheduled to drop its third mini-album GROWTH on October 26 at 6 PM KST.

Source and Image credit: Brave Entertainment