K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: DKB – 2nd Mini-Album “LOVE”

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DKB returned with their mini-album LOVE in which they showed a whole new color to them through every song.

Just like the title states, DKB sang about the different feelings of LOVE that a person experiences. They successfully transformed to show another side of them through their second mini-album, which was released last May 25.

DKB Love


DKB first declared their comeback plans at midnight on May 8. With the members’ back view and the date May 25 written on the announcement photo, they stirred up fans’ excitement.

On May 11, another group photo was posted, and this time, it bored the mini-album’s title LOVE. 

The next day, May 12, the idol’s agency revealed a scheduler for their comeback. With the basic information already out in the open, the boy group was ready to commence with the teaser content they had prepared.

From May 13 through 21, DKB revealed delicate and mature individual photos for each member. During the last of those days, they also shared a group photo, which portrayed a more chic charm.


Moving on, the group revealed the track list for the mini-album. With music producers such as MABOOS, Red Cookie and Brave Brothers joining in, the anticipation for LOVE rose even more.

Adding to those names, we have a lot of the DKB boys participating in the lyric writing and composing.

On the same day as the tracklist, May 22, the music video teaser for the title track “Still” was revealed as well. The flashy video poked at the interest of fans even more and led to the high excitement for the full music video, which was released on May 25 at 6 PM KST.

Lastly on May 23, the highlight medley for LOVE was posted on YouTube.

After all the teasers, fans were finally able to give the album a listen. With the announcement about it being out, DKB showed a simple pink cover photo with the album’s name written in big white letters.


LOVE contains five songs. DKB made it a special mini-album by taking part in the creation of its contents.

The title track “Still” is a song about regret and missing a loved one after breaking up with them. The emotional melody allows the listener to engulf in the feeling quite easily. It is a track that will get stuck in your head and you will want to listen more to it.

“Tell’em Boys” has a fresh and bright feel to it. It reminds listeners of those cute songs about love confessions. Through this one, there is a declaration of how one is better than the rest and others should just back away.

“Fondue” has a groove vibe and the first time I listened to it, it felt like it ended too quickly. The rap parts engage the listener swiftly that you don’t notice time passing. The sweet vocals during the chorus are as up-beat as the rest of the song and will let fans enjoy it more.

The next song, “Curious” has a faster beat compared to the previous songs. It expresses the curiosity towards another person and the rising feelings for them. Personally, it is one of my favorite ones on this album because of the fun up-beat melody.

“Rose” is a dynamic song, with how the intense rap parts and the softer vocals switch between each other. It expresses how a person can fall in love again. If you’re into fast changing vibes inside one song, then this is the track for you. I definitely enjoyed listening to it.


“Still” has an eye-catching music video for sure. The bright colors, the choreography, and the members’ visuals all drew the viewers attention.

The dance contrasted with the emotional melody, bringing out strong and precise movements. There are even acrobatic steps to further empower the performance, as well as the figure the members all make together.

There are a few more highlights to watch out for, like the dance in the rain or the solo dance, which showed a silhouette created from light, switching between the real person and that flashy image.

The music video also showed close-up shots of the members, showing their beautiful and handsome features. There are bright colors to make the video even more striking, along with the silhouettes of women shown during the music video.

All in all, DKB focused more on the performance and delivering a visual delight, rather than a story. But that didn’t make the video any less interesting to watch.

Source: Spotify, DKB Twitter, 1theK YouTube

Image credit: Brave Entertainment

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