DKB Reveals The First Four Members’ Delicate Teaser Images For “Love”

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DKB revealed four individual teaser photos for their upcoming comeback with Love.

Rookies DKB have started their countdown, releasing new member photos every day.

DKB Love

After announcing the title for their 2nd mini album Love, the boys had begun unveiling the teasers by starting with the individual photos of the members. So far, four of them have been introduced.

On May 13, Brave Entertainment posted the first teaser through various social media portals. It shows member E-CHAN staring blankly somewhere. Fans have explosively reacted to the more mature appearance of the member, and the photo which gives out a gentle and mysterious atmosphere.

The next day was saved for D1. He gives out a deep affectionate look at the camera, while only showing one of his eyes and covers the other one with his hand. The different concept which shows D1’s blooming visuals amplifies the fans’ expectations for the new album.

Next up, member GK shows his side profile for his individual teaser. He looks like he is in deep thought, hinting at the sensibility fans can expect to be shown through the album. His sharp nose and slender jawline emphasize the excellent features he possesses.

The last member to drop his teaser photo is LUNE. He continues the mysterious atmosphere and mature theme the previous members have set so far. Looking like a model in the photo, the little star tattoo near his eye compliments his looks even more.

The photos of the other members will be revealed sequentially from May 17. The mini-album Love will be released on May 25th at 6PM KST and DKB are asking the fans to wait a little longer while enjoying the teasers they have prepared for them.

Source: Wowtv, DKB Official Twitter

Image Credit: Brave Entertainment