Dream Note Continues To Amaze Fans With Their Irresistible Charms

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With a lot of charms, Dream Note will definitely melt fans’ hearts.

The rookie girl group Dream Note continues to attract attention by showcasing their irresistible charms.

Dream Note

Photo From iMe Korea

Formed by iME (Idea Music) Entertainment, they are composed of YOUI, Bo Ni, Lara, MISO, Sumin, Eunjo, Ha Bin, and Han Byeol.

The girls’ charismatic beauty, partnered with stand-out vocals, has enabled their group as a whole to continuously establish a name in the K-Pop industry.

Recently, the group came back with their second single album DREAM:US on March 12. Its title track “Hakuna Matata” showcased the members’ bright energy in the Up-Tempo Synth-Pop Banger genre, with a touch of the 80s dance style.

Additionally, their latest single features a story of a girl’s desire to make the boy she likes to fall for her by secretly casting a love spell.

Check out Dream Note’s “Hakuna Matata” music video here:

However, iME KOREA announced last week that one member of the group, Habin, will not participate for “Hakuna Matata” promotions. This is due to an ankle injury she sustained recently, which led to the decision of giving her a temporary hiatus for recuperation.

On 7 November 2018, Dream Note debuted with their first album DREAMLIKE. Dubbed as rookies of the next generation, the group has already captivated fans with their first title track, “Dream Note.”

Moreover, the agency revealed that the K-Pop octet’s official name relays a wonderful and touching message to fans.  It combined the words “Dream” and “Note”, with the hope of “giving dream (to fans) and achieving it together.”